Real Estate and Construction

Real Estate and Construction

Constructing, buying and selling real estate for investment purposes has become more complex and is often structured in a complex fashion, featuring cross-border elements.We advise leading local, regional and even global investors, developers, construction companies, real estate funds, occupiers and financial institutions on their largest and most complex real estate transactions and disputes.

In-depth industry knowledge and experience give CLS a significant competitive advantage. We advise on real estate construction, investment and development, real estate M&A transactions, real estate finance and tax,real estate and construction disputes, environmental matters, and planning and zoning issues.

CLS has extensive experience pertaining to the following:

  • Advise on all aspects of construction of real estate facilities “from scratch” and construction of related infrastructure
  • Negotiating and drafting construction contracts
  • Developing of legal schemes and tracking of transactions of the acquisition of property rights, including the acquisition of the ownership / lease of land for construction purposes
  • Legal due diligence of all types of real estate, including land plots, and conformity of a land plot with applicable law for future construction purposes
  • Developing a lease policy for commercial real estate facilities during their construction, as well as negotiation and execution of lease agreements with tenants
  • Registration of title to real estate, including construction in progress
  • Legal due diligence of all types of commercial real estate
  • Structuring transactions for the purchase/sale of commercial real estate
  • Representation and protection of investors before state authorities, entities and other organizations
  • Pre-court dispute resolution, as well as representation of clients in local courts and international arbitration

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